As the CEO of “SUKHIYA MART” since its establishment, I am proud to be part of the continuing progress and will growth of the company. We talk a lot about the advanced technology of our Online Shopping—and its true—it is state-of-the-art and one of the finest in the region. But above all else, “SUKHIYA MART” is an organization defined by the character of its people and their commitment to our customers. Every day, in every level of the company, we work to produce an outstanding product from field to the bag. Our family has been doing too many business here in Karachi since last few decades. Today we are fully invested in every layer of the business. Adjacent to the “SUKHIYA MART” & will come soon SUKHIYA DRY FRUITS, SPICES, RICE, PULSES, DESSERTS, HAIR OIL, SHAMPOO, HAND SANITIZER, HAND WASH, MILK POWDER, HONEY and CHOCOLATE SPREAD. We have a Experience and resolve to make Good Quality. As we work to serve our customers and continue to innovate Online buying products, we value and reward the essential qualities of integrity and honesty. We have a dedicated and passionate group of people who take pride in their work. “SUKHIYA MART” has successfully serviced the domestic Products market, will grow stronger in the future. From the owners to the employees, we are a group that works together for our customers—we are “SUKHIYA MART”.

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