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Datatek Company — For More Than 40 Years, A Term in Cleaning

The DATatek Company has long been at the cutting edge in providing innovation and technological solutions to many market sectors. Their extensive the original source product range includes a full range of eco safe janitorial, sanitation and waste administration equipment, and also industrial cleaning items. If you are looking to get greener products to improve your business, the DATatek Company may also help. They are an innovator in the cleaning industry and feel that every business should be pondering green. Have you ever seen one of their floor cleaners, you will know they are really progressive.

The DATatek Company is quite recognized when you are a leader in the manufacturing and development of customized commercial washing products specifically designed for the purpose of industries such as the foodservice market. They’ve been on the forefront in introducing cutting edge computerized degreasers and sanitizers that make washing easier and even more efficient. They’ve been at the front in here new and improved sanitizing and degreasing technologies which will make industrial washing safer and even more effective, and more environmentally friendly as well. They’re also the primary manufacturer of green washing products suitable for restaurants, hostipal wards, and other commercial facilities.

The datatek provider prides themselves on applying only naturally formulated ingredients, which means it’s secure to get the environment and straightforward to use. Every of their digital degreasers and sanitizers are super easy to read and use, and may meet or exceed EPA standards designed for both sanitizing and de-gearing. Because these types of cleaning products come in a number of strengths, it’s easy to find a product that is perfectly for your center. There is no need to work with harsh chemical substance sprays or detergents, also because the degreasers and sanitizers remain secure, the establishments are less prone to become sick and tired from contact with bacteria.

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